About T.Chiles
    Has the every day woman been overlooked in the beauty and fashion industry? T.Chiles, a Washington DC-based makeup artist, has had the pleasure of working with individuals of all walks of life.

    T.Chiles has always had a passion for makeup, but in 2005 she was given an opportunity to assist a bride with her makeup application and a feeling of joy overcame her. That's when she realized that working with this woman on one of the most important days of her life was a very exciting moment for her. Since then T.Chiles has been intrusted by brides to provide makeup services on their wedding day.

    Wether it's a beautiful bride, a mommy to be or a person who wants to treat themselves to a day of beauty, T.Chiles will be there. She'll make sure you feel like you're the picture perfect model that's shooting for the cover of Vogue — the next celebrity appearing on the the red carpet on oscar night — or maybe just YOU…a person who wants to enhance her beauty on a special day, whatever it may be.

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